Friday, May 25, 2012

Seriously? She's 2 now?  When did that happen?!
 How did that happen?!!! 
 My beautiful Paisley Reese is incredible.
  She's smart, and silly, and sensitive, and funny.
Happy Birthday beautiful girl! 
 I'm so glad she calls me mama.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter 2012

This Easter was different for us. We normally spend Easter weekend, out at the West Desert camping, with the Jepperson clan. Every year, since Todd was born, he's spent at least part of the weekend camping, but this year, we were at home, spending time with our little family. It was nice to just stay home and recoup from life. (Yay finally able to get Pais an Easter dress!!)
The weekend was spent laughing, crying, waiting, biking, shopping, praying (you name it) ... but overall, we did some much needed de-stressing.

Easter morning was wonderful:) I loved seeing my kids sweet, little, excited, faces when they saw their baskets, and hunted for eggs. Poor Paisley fell during Sacrament Meeting and got a giant goose egg. I felt so bad for her. It had to have hurt!

The sweetest part, was being able to worship, on Easter, knowing and celebrating the true meaning... which is often over looked, when we are spending it camping. I am grateful for my Savior, and for all He has done, is doing, and will do for me. Knowing that He lives, and that I can one day, live with my family forever, brings me such comfort.

I mean... who wouldn't want to be with them forever?

Saturday, April 7, 2012

No longer my little boy...

Did I ever mention we did this?

I've been playing with the idea for like a year and a half... and I finally got up the nerve!
Here's my fuzzy out of focus before pics.

We were just sitting around when I asked Roman for the 4o billionth time, if he wanted his hair cut.
Todd said, " If you're gonna do then do it. "
"You're right!" I said, and jumped up to do it.
If I thought about it, I'd chicken out, like I have every time before.

Lucky for me, I was able to cut it myself, before I lost my nerve, driving to the salon. I left it a little long originally, thinking I can always go shorter later, which is what we've done... Twice now, actually... in like 2 weeks:) Long faux hawks aren't my favorite.
I love it!!! Especially now that it's shorter, like in the first pic! Most importantly Roman loves it and we aren't fighting tangles every morning!
After pics

Todd said the more he looks at old photos, the more he liked and misses his hair. I however, disagree! I think it looks much better. Don't tell... I do still miss it sometimes;)
I think I cried for 3 days though. His hair was just so much a part of his personality! I didn't wanna loose it, or my little my boy! That's why I couldn't cut it for so long. Turns out, he's still him, and still FULL of personality.
I love you buddy!!

Monday, March 26, 2012

The Bike.

I know I must seem crazy to others.
I sound crazy to myself.
It wasn't about trying to make myself feel better
cuz it didn't.
or about not really caring
cuz I do.

It's just that this weekend really sucked.
Like Really.
So I bought myself a bike.
It makes sense in my head.
Kind of.

My sweet husband was super supportive of anything I needed and told me to not even worry about the price.
Which was good, cuz I didn't care.
Lucky for him it was a whopping $89 bucks.

I walked in, grabbed it off the shelf without even looking at other bikes.
I never do that.
I always look into what might be better, then shop for the best price.
I just needed that bike now.

The bike doesn't even mean anything really.
Other than maybe being an escape.
Escape from my feelings
and from reality.

I haven't even ridden it.
When i bought it, I had every intention of getting on and riding it till I couldn't anymore,
but I still haven't even left the driveway.

Reality is still here.
And I'm still hurting.
Maybe it'll help once my trailer gets here and I can put my two cute kids in it and we can go enjoy life.

Monday, March 5, 2012


For quite some time now, my heart has been heavy. At times, I've been overwhelmed by the suffering in the world. There are people whose trials come for no good reason, and those who brought them on by the decisions they have made. Whichever the case, I realize I am blessed.

I had a beautiful niece born in January. She is such a symbolism of strength and love. She was fortunate enough to be born with a full head of dark hair and incredible parents. She was unlucky enough to born with a trial she and her family will endure her entire life. She'll need support, love, endurance and normalcy. She already brings happiness, hope, inspiration and joy. Some days. when I think of her and their hard situation, I find myself ungrateful. All because my kids are driving me insane by whining and not minding. And all my sister and her husband want to do is bring their little girl home and protect her from things they can't control.

My Father-in-law, suffered virtually his entire life from addictions. His body and actions became a slave to the alcohol and drugs which influenced his relationships with his loved ones. Not only did he suffer, but suffering constantly found his family as well. Relationships become disrupted and unhealthy. Everyone deserves to be free of the traps that bind them. Unfortunately, last week, this didn't happen for my father-in-law until he finally passed into the next life and returned home, to our Heavenly Father.

You don't have to look far to see someone else that has it worse. Appreciate the incredible blessings our Father in Heaven gives you each day. Find joy in the things you do have, because there is someone else out there that would kill to be in your shoes.

I'm learning life has suffering but it also has greater joy that I ever knew. I'm so undeserving of my incredible life. I have 2 beautiful kids and a husband who works hard and loves me. And we are healthy!!! I have a house and wonderful family close by. Why do I ever have a bad day? I shouldn't! I am so blessed. Pity me's need be unwelcome because I have the best life I could have ever imagined for myself... and so much more. I pray I can protect my children from making the same mistakes their grandpa did and find a true love for the gospel of Jesus Christ. I pray all my loved ones live long healthy lives understanding the important things and not caring about the vain things of the world. Who cares if you have a nice car, money in your bank account, or that your hair didn't turn out just how you wanted it. Those things aren't important. Your Attitude is. And I'm gonna be more grateful:)

Isn't she beautiful?!!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A promise... (I'm gonna try and keep)

I miss blogging!
I'm gonna start posting again.
Starting now.
This one counts;)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Someone had a birthday...

This post is LONG over due, but it's important, so I had to get it done!

Miss Paisley's birthday was in May. {Has anyone figured out how to slow down time yet?!} There is no way it's already been a year. Here's how we celebrated:

We had a fun luau birthday for her.

Of course super talented Gentree made her cake(s)

Pai J always has a smile on her face and making everyone happy.

She isn't the only one who turned 1...

Happy birthday Ky Ky!!

We played a little lasso golf and played at the park.
We filled our bellies with pulled pork sandwiches and fruit kabobs.
Thanks to all who came and showed your love, by celebrating with her. It means a lot. :)

(This perfect for each other couple gets married in 2 weeks!)

Oh yeah, She dug right in!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Mother's Day...

"Stick you finger up your nose." I said. (to take a picture for this post)

"Well, that was easy." I thought.
I don't know why I was surprised. He wasn't even coerced on Sunday.

Mother's Day Sunday, like usual, all the cute primary children from church, stand upon the stand and sing to their moms. When it came time, we sent Roman up there. It was his first time signing in sacrament so he was a little nervous. He started up there, but got shy and stopped halfway.

"Go help him up there." I said to Todd, nudging him a couple times.

He got to Roman and lead him the rest of the way up. Todd sat on the stand, to the side of all the kids and kept telling Rome to go over and sing. Rome eventually finds his way over to the rest of the kids, but instead of singing, he stuck his finger up his nose.
When he gets shy or nervous, he always pulls his hands up to his face, to kind of hide behind. This however, was taking it to a whole new level!

Even though I don't think he even sang one word, (that I could see) I couldn't stop smiling. He made me so happy! I've always enjoyed watching the primary kids sing in sacrament meeting, but having Rome up there made it the cutest thing in the world!

When he got back I kissed him and said "You did such a great job, Buddy!"
"Yeah, I know."
He's humble too.

I had several people come up afterward, telling me their favorite part was Roman.
"I had him practice at home." I joked.

I love my kiddos more than I ever would have thought. The silly things they do and say, make my whole life! The kisses and snuggles none of us can get enough of, the pestering and crying that drive me insane, all of it has given me a better life than I could have ever hoped for

Honestly though, I could not have asked for a better mother's day present.
Even with his finger up his nose.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I love this photo.